Welcome to Revon Technical Consultancy

REVON b.v. Technical Consultancy is a services provider specialized in OCTG. We provide services to both the world’s leading Oil & Gas Companies and the OCTG manufacturers and suppliers since 1996.

Our services cover the complete ‘cradle to grave’ service of OCTG starting at the design through; specifications, tender, audits, qualification, QA/QC, installation and service to, when necessary, failure analysis.

Premium connections are our specialty where we offer unique technical expertise in design and qualification testing services to both end-users as well as manufacturers/designers including theoretical (Finite Element Analysis) and experimental (testing) support.

Please have a look under our main subjects to have an idea of the services Revon can provide.

  • Expert Services

    REVON has extensive expertise from the design, quality, reliability and service requirements of the end-user to the design details, manufacturing and QC of the manufacturer/supplier

  • Quality Control

    As  an independent company REVON can offer specialised QA/QC services to either customer (i.e. operators) as well as suppliers/manufacturers

  • Test & Qualification

    REVON has detailed knowledge of testing procedures and programs such as API 5C5 and ISO 13679 as well as with operator proprietary test requirements.

  • Premium Connections

    Our long-time experience (since 1985) with premium connection development for the ever more demanding services (mirrored in the ever more demanding qualification test procedures up to the latest version of API RP 5C5;2017) have provided REVON with unique know-how and experience in the design of premium connections.

  • Finite Element Analyses (FEA)

    REVON has in-house capability and experience to perform Finite Element Analysis on premium connection designs as well as on any other problem you may have.